Wednesday 2 October 2013

Student Projects 2013/14

This is a selection of my proposals for student projects in the academic year 2013/14.

Most of the topics can be scaled to small student projects, bachelor thesis projects, master thesis projects and in some cases up to dissertation subjects. The projects are not isolated but fit the current research agenda of my group. The students are supervised in meetings in two-week periods. Please, contact me, if you are interested

This is a paid project in the context of our MBAT project. AVL Graz is looking for students assisting them in their tasks in the project. AVL, together with TU Graz, wants to evaluate existing model-based test case generation tools on their automotive demonstrators. The tasks involve modeling of the expected behavior, developing test-drivers and evaluate the tools with a common benchmark example.
This would be a master project, but it can be downscaled to different levels, e.g. by selecting a subset of tools.

This is a project in the context of our TRUFAL project. The plan is to port an existing test case generator implemented in Prolog to Scala. The test case generator implements model-based mutation testing and takes as input models Action Systems. The plan is to port this implementation to Scala and then parallelize the algorithms. This will be a bachelor or master project.

This is a project in the context of our TRUFAL project. The aim is to implement transition coverage of UML state machines into our existing test case generator. Experiments will be conducted comparing mutation coverage and random coverage to the new test selection strategy. The implementation language is Prolog.

The aim is to conduct several case studies using our model-based testing tools. The tasks may involve modeling of the system under test, implementation/selection of a benchmark system-under-test, implementation of a test-adapter, tool evaluation, and empirical studies. Comparisons with other tools, e.g. with Spec Explorer, is also possible.

Proof-based Development of Test Models
The aim of this project is to formally develop test models from informal requirements. The modeling language will be Event-B. The IDE will be the Eclipse platform Rodin. The development involves tool-supported correctness proofs over several refinement steps. For a master thesis an integration of our existing test case generators with Event-B would be a possible extension.